Local Distilling Goodies

Okay, so don’t get it in your head that there will be more than one posting a day, but due to the fact the weather is terribly frigid and my crock pot is simmering with meatball goodness I decided to share this fun idea.

Baltimore Distilling Company or Baltimore Whiskey Company is right here and let me tell you, they have some amazing things…..their gin, fantastic, apple brandy delicious, but my 2 favs in this delightful group….1904 Apple Ginger Liquor and the Szechuan Baltamaro.  Now before you get yourself in a tizzy…..these two items alone are fantastic, but add them to a sauce and well YOU ARE WELCOME…..First the 1904…..sweet and savory.  I always use turkey meatballs and usually I mix my own BBQ sauce, but when I am in a hurry or just don’t really want to, I use a few bottles of just regular BBQ sauce and then add 1904 to this, add meatballs and boom….in a few hours you will have this tantalizing taste of deliciousness……well this was all well and good, but then I found the Szechuan Amaro and OMG OMG OMG the stakes were just raised 10 fold.  It adds spice and heat and luciousness and yumminess to meatballs…..again you do this to your taste, but for me, I do 2 bottles store bought BBQ sauce (again, I use regular sauce, nothing thick and fancy or tart and spicy) and then when I first put in one bag of turkey meatballs I usually add a cup of the amaro……later on, 4-5 hours in a crock pot, I have to taste it and then I typically add a little more……turn off the pot and just let that simmer in its own juices….so so delicious……guests at my events where I have worked could not stop talking about them and yes they were that good……Pick up a bottle and try it, you will not be disappointed in this result.  Psst….perfect for a super bowl party too…..Cheers

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