Let’s COOK!!!!!

Hello friends,

So under the perseverance of several friends, I am starting this blog. I am an avid beer drinker, wine drinker, spirits drinker all around drinker.  I love flavors and depths of flavors.  I work in a liquor store, which does seem fitting, but I did want to find out if there was more to beer than just drinking it.  My first 6 pack I ever had many years ago was a Blueberry beer which I loved, but as is my nature, after the first 3, it was kind of boring, good but boring, so what could I do with those beers to spice it up I thought???? Hence I learned to make fun things with beers and sauces.   (NOTE, I DO NOT USE MEASUREMENTS IN THIS AT ALL, IT IS DONE BY PERSONAL TASTE AND PREFERENCE, BUT YOU CAN GET THE GENERAL IDEA OF WHAT FLAVORS WILL MELD TOGETHER AND THEN EXPERIMENT YOURSELF)  So with that Blueberry beer, I made one of the best Blueberry Beer Lemonades ever…..and still do to this day.

So what can you expect here.  You can expect a variety of different beers and wines and spirits you should try first of all to drink with and secondly to add some delicious layers to your cooking.  Recipes are easy to find online or maybe you have your own, both are fine, I just add different things to normal every day cooking to give it a twist.  So all that being said, I hope you enjoy this fun little adventure and cheers.

beer glass
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

So the weather is chilly….hell, it is downright cold and what better comfort food is out there than Chili…..vegetarian chili, turkey chili, beef chili, whatever you call it or make it from, it is chili…..now how about adding some delicious layers to that chili….Try Monocacy’s Brewtus Coffee Imperial Stout or like my one friend did, Shiner Holiday Cheer.  You want to add layers of yummy delicious goodness, try these beers.  Not only fantastic to drink, but excellent in chili recipes.  Start with half a 12 oz bottle, remember you can always add to, you can’t take away. I start my chili in the crock pot and then about 4 hours later add the first part of the beer along with some additional spices.  The beer is dark in color and adds this richness to any chili I have had made.  If using the Shiner Holiday Cheer, taste that beer first so you have an idea of just how spicy or sweet it is.  Either one or in some cases both 🙂 then I just let my chili run its course.  In about the 6th hour or so, since I tend to let my chili cook all day, when I add the beans or whatever you are adding, I add the rest of the beer.  YUM YUM AND DID I SAY YUM…..the rest as they say is history.  I let it continue to simmer away, stirring occasionally and tasting often, because you know, we all have to taste our finished products, and BOOM, you have one terrific chili…..again, make whatever chili you like, but you can add these beers to any kind.  Vegetarian, I would tend to stick with Shiner Cheer, just because of the flavor profiles, but any meat option, certainly Brewtus takes center stage.  Try it sometime.  Can’t wait to see and hear about your results.

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